Montessori Academy



Meet the Staff

Lori Smith

Mrs. Lori Smith

Director of the Baldwin County Early Learning Center

Lori Smith, director of the Baldwin County Early Learning Center, has been a preschool educator for 20 years. Mrs. Smith has a Bachelor of Art degree from LaGrange College, a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Specialist in Educational Leadership from Georgia College. The Early Learning Center takes great pride in providing world-class educational opportunities for our community, and the new Montessori Academy will be an excellent addition to our already innovative curriculum.

Mrs. Carol Gledhill

Assistant Director, Montessori Academy at the Early Learning Center

Carol Gledhill, assistant director of the Montessori Academy has been in education for 11 years. Mrs. Gledhill has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Georgia College.

Staff List

Teachers and Assistants

Ms. Claire Brigner, Montessori Teacher

Ms. Tammy Butts, Montessori Teacher Assistant

Ms. Jessica Hanna, Montessori Classroom Assistant

Ms. Brandi Mason, Infant/Toddler Teacher

Ms. Tracy McWilliams, Montessori Teacher

Ms. Brooke Michalic, Infant/Toddler Teacher

Ms. Linda Moon, Montessori Teacher Assistant

Ms. Christina Osborne, Infant/Toddler Teacher

Ms. Kearah Rambo, Montessori Teacher Assistant

Ms. Myranda Walden, Montessori Classroom Assistant

Ms. Ciara Spisak, Infant/Toddler Teacher

Mr. Howard Abney, Montessori Teacher Assistant

Ms. Denise Ward, Montessori Teacher Assistant

Ms. Megan Brown, Montessori Classroom Assistant